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PS4 Firmware Update 1.70 Is Out Now, Update Your Console

PS4 Firmware Update 1.70 Is Out Now, Update Your Console

Sony’s released its biggest PS4 update yet, coming with tons of changes that gamers will love. Check out the notes inside.

PlayStation 4 v1.70 full feature list (OS) Applications:

  • SHAREfactory video editor app has been added to the content area (see thread)
  • Additional option in the Share button menu to share songs while in the updated Music Unlimited app
  • Capture Gallery shortcut/app has been added to the content area. You can use it to view screenshots and video clips that you saved
  • USB export option for captured gameplay (USB 2.0&3.0, FAT32&exFAT formated devices, but some don’t work either way)
  • While watching a Blu-ray or DVD, you can now switch back&forth to the PS4 OS without quitting the movie/disc playback (will still happen when you launch a game, but OS apps like the Internet Browser allow multitasking)
  • What’s New feed posts have timestamps now
  • Delete All option in the Internet Browser history


  • Automatic pre-download for preordered games on PSN
  • Party chat can host up to 16 people now (instead of 8) EDIT: Or not. Apparently still only 7 more people can join even though it says 16 slots…
  • Ability to search Friends-of-Friends, view Mutual Friends on another user’s profile and accept Friend requests directly from the Friends list.
  • You can now share your real name and profile picture with the close friends of your close friends (= friends of your friends who have accepted the name request of your friends)
  • For Plus members, you’ll now have the PS Plus icon appear next to your SEN ID on the login screen, home screen and other areas
  • Use a custom profile picture (not PSN avatar) via the updated PlayStation App on Android/iOS (see thread for the App update as it also allows now push PSN notifications etc.)
  • [From PlayStation] has been added under Notification (for global PSN announcements etc.)
  • PayPal support (but… it’s not there?! Use the web store I guess)


  • Option to disable HDCP for games (needs to be switched on if you want to use e.g. blu-ray and Netflix)
  • DualShock4 lightbar intensity can be change to Bright (default), Medium or Dim (ca. half as bright)
  • You can test&adjust your Microphone input volume (Device settings)
  • Audio Mixer for Party Chat: You can manually adjust priority of party versus system audio
  • When the PS4 crashes you can now choose to attach a video clip in the feedback
  • Option to enable sending in the crash reports automatically.
  • You can now e.g. force the PS4 to output 5.1 channel audio over HDMI even if it detects 7.1 channel support. (set primary audio output to HDMI or optical, then mark the desired audio formats)
  • Video setting for Deep Colour Output (automatic by default, switch off if your display reacts weird to it)
  • Default language options for BDs&DVDs, [Blu-ray Disc Data Management], and [Allow Internet Connection] have been added under [Video Playback Settings].
  • [Noise Reduction] has been added as an option that is available during video playback (available in the extra video settings when you watch a BD/DVD, on by default)


  • HD option (=720p) added for streaming gameplay
  • Archive your broadcasts on Twitch or Ustream (via their accounts)
  • Upload video clips and screenshots during your live gameplay broadcasts
  • You can now submit a grief report about an inappropriate profile picture or broadcast.
  • Ability to live-stream and watch PS4 streams via NicoNico (requires Japanese PSN account)
  • Ability to view NicoNico broadcasts from within the updated Playstation App (requires Japanese PSN account)
  • Improved broadcasting layout. Comments/viewers notifications when you are in a full screen streaming (of view comments without having to switch streaming modes)
  • Change the default gameplay recording time in the SHARE menu under Video Clip Settings (1, 3, 5, 10, or 15 minutes)
  • Select specific Facebook audiences to share each video or screenshot with (was only a global setting before)
  • Select multiple screenshots/videos to export/upload

Remote Play:

  • Ability to Remote Play PlayStation 4 from PS Vita TV (PS Vita TV update required)
  • Automatic&faster PS4 Link Update for Remote Play, no code entry necessary when using same PSN account (requires PlayStation Vita v3.15 Update)
  • You can now disable the overlays that appear when you use the touchscreen and back panel during Remote Play (on the Vita)
  • Apparently better Remote Play video quality
  • There’s now a Connection History log option under Remote Play Connection Settings
  • From Reddit, not sure if new: L2 / L3 / R2 / R3 are now mapped to the corners of the Vita’s touch screen during Remote Play on the homescreen


  • You can now sort Trophies by rarity in the Options menu
  • Popup notification when a friend joins a party chat (even when you are not in any party chat, can be disabled)
  • Switch user option, allows multi user login with a single DS4.
  • DS4 touchpad can be used to navigate the on-screen keyboard at any time
  • Slightly modified on-screen keyboard and a L2 + Triangle shortcut to switch to the extra characters list
  • The controller rumbles slightly when you switch to GYRO pointing input for the on-screen keyboard now.
  • More voice commands are added to launch the apps installed on your PS4 with the sound of your voice (Netflix, IGN app, Internet Browser, Sharefactory, Vidzone, BBC iplayer etc.)
  • New general voice commands added: “Save Video Clip” and “Start Video Clip”
  • Apparently overall OS improvements (faster loading of the Store/What’s New etc.)
  • You can now set a screensaver (only dims the screen, after 15 minutes by default)
  • From Reddit, not sure if new: Your name appears on the battery notification popup


  • No more log in screen when reconnecting the DS4 (even when switching controllers after one has been turned off)
  • Opening the Share menu doesn’t automatically save anything anymore. Upload or save videos/screenshots for each capture (apparently saving the last 15 minutes can still be bugged, but the way how seems to have changed due to this)
  • Pressing X on screenshots/videos will now open them in preview mode, viewing screenshots has been fixed and it doesn’t crash/black screen anymore
  • While a game is running, the option menu in the OS has “Close Application” and “Delete” far apart now.
  • Scrolling quickly through long friend lists has been fixed
  • The black crush has been fixed when recording gameplay videos
  • [Share Settings] > [Video Clip Settings] > [Indicate Blocked Scenes for Video Recording] is now turned on by default.
  • [Stop Broadcasting] is now under [Broadcast Settings]
  • [Login Settings] and [Initialization] > [Delete User] are now under the newly added [Users].
  • Update History entry is now always at the top (except when selecting a disk-based game). Also has better formating
  • Not sure if new: Information option entry for a PSN game now shows Download Status

Stealth updates list: -Notifications: New notification type: From PlayStation. -System: Multi user login with a single DS4. -System: No more log in screen when reconnecting the DS4 -System: When a game crashes you can now chose to attach a video clip in the feedback -Settings: Option to enable sending in the crash reports automatically. -Settings – Audio: You can now force the PS4 to output 5.1 channel audio over HDMI even if it detects 7.1 channel support. -Settings – Video: Deep Colour Output. -Share: Upload multiple screenshots to Facebook at the same time. -Streaming: Comments/viewers notifications when you are in a full screen streaming. -Streaming: You can still upload screenshots/video while broadcasting. -Streaming: You can view comments without having to switch streaming modes

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