Wednesday, July 16, 2014
Capcom’s best-selling game ever is Resident Evil 5

Capcom’s best-selling game ever is Resident Evil 5

Guess this explains the action approach to the series.

Capcom has revealed the sales numbers of a slew of its franchises. Which is the best-selling game in their catalogue? Dethroning Street Fighter II, Resident Evil 5 sits in it.

Selling 6.5 million units, it surpasses Street Fighter II’s 6.3 million units, with Resident Evil 6 selling 5.2 million up until today.

In general franchise sales, Resident Evil is, to none’s surprise, the king, with more than 60 million units sold.

Monster Hunter has sold 27 million copies, and is the company’s steady seller, especially in Japan; since September 14′s release of Monster Hunter 4, it has sold 3 million copies, with a western release not yet announced — ouch.

In less delightful news, Lost Planet 3 failed to meet expectations, and the franchise sees a 5.4 million number of copies sold so far. Devil May Cry has sold 13 million copies, and Resident Evil: Revelations and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies have reached their targets, while Dragon’s Dogma “has steady sales”.

Who did not see this coming?

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