Sunday, July 6, 2014
PlayStation App for iOS and Android dated

PlayStation App for iOS and Android dated

Functionalities cleared up.

Sony revealed that the iOS and Android application “PlayStation App” will be released in North America on November 13 and Europe on November22.

What the app will do, in short, is: provide second screen functionality for applicable PS4 titles, let you access your PSN profile, check friends and trophies, send messages to people (App, PS3, PS4 and Vita users), make purchases remotely and download them, use the smartphone/tablet to turn on/off your console, and finally, double it as a keyboard to ease up typing.

Will you be using the app alongside the PS4 once it releases in November?

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  • rpatricky

    I like the keyboard idea but if I can chat….that’s what I will be doing. Verbally that is.

  • Crash Ōkami

    I mostly prefer text than voice chat, and in games where voice chat isn’t there and chat is needed (like Final Fantasy XIV, which I’ll be playing when it’s out on PS4), I’ll find the app useful for the lack of the cable keyboard I use on PS3 now.