Thursday, September 4, 2014
Alien: Isolation on the way?

Alien: Isolation on the way?

A source spills the beans.

An Alien: Isolation trademark was filed recently, and it looked like Creative Assembly’s Aliens project would reach the surface at last. A  Kotaku source said that Alien: Isolation is coming to current and next-gen consoles in 2014.

The developers behind the Total War series and Halo Wars are allegedly making a first-person shooter with stealth and horror elements thrown in. The game is mostly spent on a space station, with just one xenomorph “accompanying” Amanda. Clones and soldiers are the primary enemies of the adventure, with gameplay heavily inspired by the first movie; vents, lockers and melee combat are significant

Regarding story, Amanda Ripley will be the protagonist, daughter of Ellen Ripley. Amanda died while her mother was frozen in space, but has yet to appear in canonical Aliens material.

The source also noted that Sega “took the critical reception to Aliens: Colonial Marines very seriously” and has already delayed Isolation at least once, skipping the planned E3 2013 reveal, to avoid further smudging the Aliens and Sega names.

Thank you, Gematsu!

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