Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Edge Magazine Calls Next-Gen, Says PS4 Is “Your Next Console”

Edge Magazine Calls Next-Gen, Says PS4 Is “Your Next Console”

The wind has been blowing favorably in Sony’s direction since its February PS4 meeting, and to add even more goodwill under the mega-corporation’s wings, popular UK games magazine Edge has gone on and proclaimed PS4 as the next console you’ll own, effectively declaring the yet-to-be released machine as the winner of the eighth generation of gaming.



As you can see, the front cover of the magazine’s latest issue declares PS4 will be our next console, and another headline to the top left looks to decipher “How Microsoft Blew It: The Titanic Errors on the Xbox One’s Road to Ruin”.

So what do you make of this? Isn’t it too early to be calling winners? Or have we seen enough blunders from Microsoft, along with a more expensive console bundled with a peripheral that’s always watching you.

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