Sunday, September 14, 2014
GT6 Teaser Trailer Is Live

GT6 Teaser Trailer Is Live

In preparation for the 15th of May.

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  • Hailceaser

    hmm, it doesn’t technically say gt6, of course i guess that’s the teaser part of it. hopefully this one comes out without all of the mistakes that happened with gt5. and for the love of god please give us more vehicles we want to drive in a game in other words, camaros, mustangs and up, i loathe series’ of races where i have to drive a vitz or something like that. plus more trucks, for example in gt5 they had a 2005 dodge ram, why a 2005? why not a 2010? or a 1995? i would love to race around the track in a suped up 2013 cummins powered 3/4 ton or why not a one ton with duallies! yet for three games all i got was a 2005 1/2 ton.