Monday, September 1, 2014
Sega Sends Live Teaser Site For PS3 and PS Vita Title

Sega Sends Live Teaser Site For PS3 and PS Vita Title

There’s a game Sega’s helming that’ll come to PS3 and PS Vita, but we don’t know what exactly it is just yet. Wanna guess? Give it a shot. Site’s here.

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  • nick

    whens GDC on?
    maybe they will be at $onys event showing off a new ps4 title.
    hope its a new IP, SEGA really dont have any strong popular unique franchises!
    yakuza is getting old and tired, nor is it a game that would bring out the best of next gen system.
    same goes for sonic.
    beyonetta 2, well, thats a wiiu exclusive!
    as ninty is funding it.
    needs to be a new IP, and something in a genre we havent seen before!
    we need more really cool unique creative games like heavy rain, mirrors edge and remember me!

  • Ghost250

    @nick it says PS3 & Vita. it says nothing about PS4

  • nick

    just because there the only systems listed does not mean there the only systems its coming to.
    maybe they dont have the ps4 logo there as they want to keep it a surprise.

  • Ghost250

    @nick dude they wouldn’t withhold the fact if this game was on PS4. because the system is already announced. games and projects are getting announced for PS4 every other week. keeping it as a surprise is pointless.

  • nick

    its not pointless, if they put the logo on the website people would know what to expect.