Saturday, July 26, 2014
Crysis 3 is A “Masterpiece,” Says Crytek Boss

Crysis 3 is A “Masterpiece,” Says Crytek Boss

Ceval Yerli has reckoned that, unlike what the reviews universally said of Crysis 3, the game’s a “masterpiece”, and the only reason it scored low was because of “market fatigue”.

Speaking to Gamasutra, the CEO made his opinion known loud and clear:

[Crysis 3 is our] masterpiece. The relative impact that Crysis 3 has created is lower than what Crysis 1 did. But I would think at any level it’s better than Crysis 2, and it’s certainly still better than Crysis 1. People remember Crysis 1 much bigger than it was, because it had a high impact.

Yerli would go on to blame the prowess of current-gen consoles for holding back Crytek’s creativity, and because of the obvious limits of using outdated tech:

The markets are down. People’s expectations are much more radical than the current generation of games are doing. I think the new generation of consoles will reinvigorate that and help to elevate that again, and elevate new concepts of gaming which old platforms are right now limiting, too.

The consoles are eight year old devices. Of course, in one way or another, they will limit you. It’s impossible not to be limited by a limited console. By definition it’s the case. So if it were PC only, could we have done more things? Certainly, yes. Could we have afforded a budget to make a game like Crysis 3 PC only? No. People have to understand that this is a journey of give and take.

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  • Ghost250

    i can’t stand these crytek idiots. crysis is cryshit, their games only look pretty, thats it.

  • nick

    anyone got a glove i can borrow?
    crysis 3 was NOT a masterpiece!
    crysis 2 was not even a masterpiece, and that was 1000000000 times better than 3!
    cervat needs to pull his head out of his a$$, take a humble pill, and for the love of god get this F2P BS out of your head!