Friday, August 1, 2014
Thirsty Conversations: The PS4 Controller, Edition

Thirsty Conversations: The PS4 Controller, Edition

To Dual Shock, or not to Dual Shock? Below the break you’ll see five mockups of what PS4′s controller could look like, since Sony’s given up on the old PS1,PS2 and PS3 Dual Shock build. 

Take a good look and tell us what you think. Should Sony say farewell to the old and welcome the new PS controller? It’s apparently got a share button in the center, and might feature a touchscreen.

Let’s talk. Do it here: The Official Games Thirst Opinion Hall.



The Magic of Photoshop Brings the PS4 Controller to Life [Update]




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  • Alex Mason

    I say only the second one would interest me. Everything else is like acid thrown in my eyes.

  • Ghost250

    the second one looks the best, but that isn’t saying much for me since i prefer physical buttons.

  • nick

    all of them look pretty rubbish!
    $ony WILL offer some sort of DS3 controller, and it probably wont be that much different to the one we have today.
    maybe change the triggers to have more of a slant, and a lip at the end, concave the sticks, and elevate the left one like the 360 controller has, but besides that theres really no point changing anything else.
    but im hoping they will have a tablet like controller like the wiius gamepad, it just adds so many extra little things you can do.
    not to mention just using it around the OS and web browsing is handy.

  • Wolf1888

    I’m hopping for something like the 2nd one, for the simple reason that it has the standard shape every Playstation controllers ever had, and I am truly against changing that.