Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Tomb Raider Multiplayer Detailed

Tomb Raider Multiplayer Detailed

Team Deathmatch! Rescue! Cry For Help! 

During the Christmas season news broke that Tomb Raider would boast a robust multiplayer component. Well we’ve now got information on the MP, and apart from the expected Team Deathmatch and other standard modes, Crystal Dynamics are aiming to bring something new to the table.

New Modes:


This mode sees Survivors racing to find Med Packs and delivering them to rotating spots on the map while the Scavengers attempt to stop them.

Cry For Help:

This mode hasn’t been fully revealed, but the emphasis will be on “discovery and collection.”

The competitive multiplayer feature will boast a deep roster of characters and players will load out with a primary weapon, sidearm, projectiles (like grenades) and even a climbing axe, which doubles melee weapon.

It’s the first time multiplayer’s will be a part of Tomb Raider, so it’s yet unknown how fans will react to it.

The game hits store shelves on March 5th.

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  • http://www.gamesthirst.com Ernice Gilbert

    @Raidenz: Welcome to GT! Make yourself at home. As for Tomb Raider MP, I don’t know what to make of it yet. Let’s give it a chance, shall we?

  • http://www.gamesthirst.com Ernice Gilbert

    Thing is, though, we don’t yet know how it’ll turn out. It might just be successful. Or, like you said, it might suck. I’ll give it a chance. Let me see some videos first :)

  • nick

    eidos montreal is making it?
    oh for the love of god, what is it with publishers these days and putting the WORST teams on things?
    eidos montreal should be working on one game, and only one game.
    thief 4!
    stop wasting their time with this molokia bull&^%$!

  • Ghost250

    probably wont even touch the multiplayer, the single player on other hand looks amazing. can’t wait for that.