Saturday, July 6, 2013
250GB Xbox 360 can be bought for 99$, but not really

250GB Xbox 360 can be bought for 99$, but not really

Microsoft is making a new deal for people who prefer the “pay as you go” method. For $99, you can get the 250GB unit (the 250GB + Kinect deal is $149), so long as you then agree to pay $15 a month for two years in order to access Xbox Live.

Like in the original deal, you’ll end up paying more than what you would if you paid up front, but how much is “more”? Let’s break it down:

250GB Xbox 360 + Kinect = $150, add in 2 years of Xbox live for $120 ($60 x 2) and you get a grand total of = $270

250GB Xbox 360 + Kinect = $99, add in $15 per month for 24 months for $360 ($15 x 24) and you get a grand total of = $460

Taking advantage of this deal, you pay an extra $190! ($460 – $270)

Is it really worth it? It’s all up to you!

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  • williampatton

    This post…. who proof-read it? lol Your figures are either incorrect of misleading.

    The first set of numbers – I’m assuming not with the new offer as you state $120 for the Xbox live plus you use that figure as comparison below as if that’s the price without the offer – there’s nowhere that sells a new 250GB Slim with Kinect for $150 (if you know of somewhere that does please tell me :D ).

    And the second set of numbers for the “250GB Xbox 360 Kinect = $99″: well there’s no 250GB Kinect offer at $99, it’s $149.

    The average saving isn’t $190 it’s just $90 MAX when it’s on offer, the best saving I could find when the console isn’t on offer is just $40. A much smaller difference, and it makes this offer much more appealing :D

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