Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Fox Developing TV Show Based On Battlefield: Bad Company

Fox Developing TV Show Based On Battlefield: Bad Company

Bad Company, the Battlefield series that’s been a hit for EA is coming soon to a small screen near you, most likely in your house.

Fox has forged a TV series out of Battlefield: Bad Company, an hour-long action comedy based on EA’s bestselling video game from Alias alum John Eisendrath, Sony TV and studio-based Happy Madison.

According to Deadline, the script was written by Eisendrath, and features the main characters from the game.

The series does not stray from the game’s wacky, careless and sometimes playful style, where four renegade soldiers exit military life and enter the private sector. Trouble is never far behind, however, as they realize their commanding officer had used them to further the ends of a shadow unit within the government and now wants them dead to cover his tracks. Eisendrath is executive producing with Happy Madison’s Doug Robinson and EA’s Patrick Bach and Patrick O’Brien.

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  • Mezzo

    This will be a catastrophe.

    A TV Shows of an extremely Cheesy F* Yeah America game, will only work if they cut the cheese. :P.