Monday, September 1, 2014
There Should Be No Discs On Next-Gen Consoles, Bleszinski Says

There Should Be No Discs On Next-Gen Consoles, Bleszinski Says

Epic Games creative designer and mastermind of Gears of War Cliff Bleszinski has said that he hopes there are no disc-based games on PS4 and Xbox 720. He also predicts that VR (virtual reality) is coming back in a “big way”.

The developer made known his thoughts during a Reddit AMA session, when he was asked what he’d like to see from Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen units.

No disc based games


Personally, I think Bleszinski’s just blowing smoke; especially when speaking on physical media. If he didn’t know, internet speeds are still uber slow in many parts of the world. No one wants to ignore a huge portion of their base.

What are your thoughts on this?

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  • benzo

    I think Cliffy B is full of it. Neither one of these things is what gamers want or need. Many many places lack the technology for download only systems. Lots of people dont even have broadband in their homes. Others have caps on how much they can download in a month,so yeah….I’m thinking NO. And as for VR…give me a break! Give us new IPs, good stories, and games that last longer than 10hrs. Not a new gimmick like motion controls.

  • Christos Chatzisavvas

    Everything is needed, in the correct doses. Shoving Kinect, or VR, or digital games down our throats is not what we want. What we want is choices. You want to save money on retail? Focus on digital, but not only on digital. Give us an incentive; say I get X thing for buying the game digitally instead of retail. The time gaming goes digital is the time I’ll stop gaming, and focus on everything I had until that time.
    PS: I’d love to hear how Cliff has figured out server load for all the people buying the game, technical issues in general, speeds, regional restrictions (based on speeds, etc), and all that. My guess is, not he nor anyone has figured these out. They just *want* digital.

  • rpatricky

    Cliff needs to stick with what he knows….. Or move to the country and see how it is.

  • amdfan81

    I have no doubts that games will go digital but you can’t cut out discs yet and I really doubt that it will change over the next couple of years. seems like the best option would be to use them in tandem then transition over to all digital.

  • nick

    short and sweet.
    technically though, hes right.
    no disk based games does not mean everything has to go digital, there are plenty of non disk based mediums out there!
    disk drivers have always been the bane of technology!
    they have moving parts which generates allot of heat and wear over time so if somethings going to break 99% of the time it will be the disk drive.
    every time my ps3 has died, been through multiple now have all been either drives failing or overheating which would of been contributed by the drive.
    not to mention their bulky and sap allot of power.
    hopefully next gen systems will switch to a flash card medium like the vita and 3DS have.
    THB really shocked wiiu has a disk drive!
    flash memory has become so cheap these days you can get a 64GB USB 3 drive MUCH, MUCH, MUCH faster and higher capacity than even a dual layer bluray disk!
    and there like 30 bucks!
    really no reason for drives now, only advantage they have had has been capacity but now theres flash medium out there that is at a reasonable cost and holds hundreds of GB so there really is no need to put up with its nuances anymore.
    and more importantly, NO MORE INSTALLS!!!!!!!!
    only reason ps3 has so many god dam installs is because the bluray drive is so god dam slow!
    faster read times, similar capacity, higher reliability, and also from a long term perspective more cost efficient as well because of a far greater reliability rate.