Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Some PS3s Experiecing Red Light Of Death After Firmware Update 4.20

Some PS3s Experiecing Red Light Of Death After Firmware Update 4.20

While the majority of PS3 owners who updated their consoles to firmware 4.20 have gone along their merry ways gaming, a minority, including a user by the name of danilo_scala, are experiencing what seems to be a Red Light Of Death, causing the PS3 console to continuously load and suddenly freeze.

Apparently it’s only happening to PS3 Slims, and not the older “fat” models.

Here’s one user’s description of the matter:

“After I downloaded update 4.20 just recently and played 2k12, my screen keeps on freezing and unfreezing until such time that it totally froze when I was about to save my new roster. So I had to turn off the system by pulling the plug and restarting my PS3. After turning it on, the screen showed this message: “file corrupted, file needs to be restored”, so I clicked ok and it went through the process of restoring and deleting corrupted files.

I thought that had fixed the problem but the previous message kept showing up, so I had to restore my PS3 system via safe mode. After restoring my PS3 and reformatting my storage data, I tried playing my 2k12 again but it takes too much time loading and freezes upon intro of 2k12. I have a feeling that the 4.20 system update is causing my PS3 to load forever and also the reason why my games keep on freezing in the beginning.”

We’re not sure how prevalent the situation is, but I’d go out on a limb and assume that it’s not too bad, because if it was, the buzz would be all about gaming’s web. Still, if your console has been acting strange since firmware 4.20, please let us know in the comments below so we could relay the message to Sony.

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  • wicken

    This is the worst firmware update that they release, my PS3 keeps crashing (7times per day) when I play BF3 and sometimes even after I turn it on. I keep saying on their support forums that the problem is the firmware and not my PS3 because this never happened before.
    Lots of people are reporting very serious problems after this firmware so I think it’s safe to say that Sony will fix this.

  • danilo_scala
  • nick

    and this ladies and gents is why you never let a hardware company do core OS!
    not the first time $ony has fucked customers consoles with botched FW.
    give them a week and they will quietly update the FW on their website with the fixed FW and sweep the problem under the rug like it never happened.
    disgusting how sneaky and uncaring $ony has become!