Friday, July 5, 2013
Thirsty Discussions: Battlefield 3′s “Shortcut Bundle” DLC Available Now

Thirsty Discussions: Battlefield 3′s “Shortcut Bundle” DLC Available Now

For those of you who remember the Kit Shortcuts for Battlefield: Bad Company 2, I have some good news for you. The Ultimate Shortcut Bundle has officially hit today for the Xbox 360, PS3, and Origin versions of Battlefield 3. Here is a short description of what the DLC Contains:

Get all weapons and gadgets unique to all four classes, all upgrades for both air and ground vehicles, and all co-op weapons in the ultimate shortcut bundle! This massive pack immediately unlocks all 119 weapons, gadgets, and vehicle upgrades from all other available shortcut packs.

These items are normally unlocked by earning experience while playing as the different classes, using the available vehicles, and by completing the co-op campaign.

I’m sure a lot of you are asking, How much does it cost? Well, the set price for the DLC is $39.99. The price is where I see a problem, the shortcuts for the kits in BFBC2 were only 800 MSP a piece, where the “ULTIMATE” Bundle was 1600 MSP. Offering the people, the chance to be lazy and unlock everything from the get go is just a horrible move on DICE’s Part. If you are going to get this bundle, more power to you, however I will not be getting it, because to me, it takes out the fun of leveling up and EARNING the weapons, equipment, etc. What are you guy’s opinions on this? Lets start a discussion below, and please, keep it civil.

[Source: EGMnow]

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  • Wolf1888

    I think that this kind of bundles are stupid… I mean, to me, the first goal of the game, when I bought it, was to “play” it. By buying this kind of package deal, it’s like you giving money to DICE so you don’t HAVE to play the game.

    And asking 40$ for it is really overpriced I think. I don’t care that much as I won’t even consider buying it, but the fact that I’m kind of against these sort of packs, on top of them trying to sell it to you for almost what the game actually costs, is kind of insulting.

    I won’t judge anybody actually willing to buy this pack, just like I would not judge somebody using a “Jump-to-the-last-mission” cheat code on a single player game, but personally, it clearly does not match my definition of “gaming”.

  • Saint123q

    I agree. I hate that, it annoys me soooo much. I don’t know why they need to charge soo much for a thing that lets lazy people get through the game.

  • Wolf1888

    I hope that there will be a way to know if somebody bought the Unlock Pack, though.
    Like, if for example you get killed by a Jet that has all the sweet-ass weapons, it would be cool to know if that person actually deserves these weapons or not.

    I’m proud of the stuff I unlocked, some of it was not easy, so I don’t want to get my pride watered down because people might think that I didn’t achieve it.

    That’s why I’d like something that tells if you bought the unlock pack or not.

  • Saint123q

    Yeah, that would be cool.

  • nick

    god i hate it when developers do this!
    i bust my a$$ to earn these tools, then someone just comes along and slaps it on the CC and they get them too?
    hows that fair?
    its like asking me to carry a fridge up a flight of stairs, then throwing it down once ive done so and use a crane to put it back.

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