Saturday, January 31, 2015
Microsoft To Release Two Xbox 720 Models – Rumor

Microsoft To Release Two Xbox 720 Models – Rumor

As the unveiling of Microsoft’s next Xbox comes closer, rumors concerning the machine have become louder. The latest is rather interesting, though, as it claims Redmond will actually release two versions of the impending console.

According to a Digital Foundry report on, one will be a stripped down console to be sold very cheap and is described as a set-top box, with Kinect-themed games being its main focus. The other, however, will be a console dedicated to the hardcore crowd, and is described as a a “more fully-featured machine” with optical drive, hard disk and backwards compatibility.

Kinect, according to the rumor, will be bundled with both SKUs.

This latest rumor, unlike the former from Edge, believes Xbox 720 won’t see a release next year, but will be unveiled in June at E3, and will be launched in 2013. Edge claimed the new console would launch in 2012, and that many developers would receive their dev kits by this Christmas.

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  • nick

    sounds ok.
    whatever they do though, they cant afford to have a HDD in one and not in the other.
    if there wanting both consoles to be able to play the same games.
    thats whats really hurt them this gen, and pissed developers off because the arcade machine has no HDD so they cant have a required HDD install.
    i think it will be allot like how the ps3 started though.
    just small differences, like a smaller HDD, one with BC and one without, one with memory cards one without, one with WIFI, one without, one with more USB slots, small things like that.
    start to remove the important stuff, and it just ends up hurting you and especially the developers down the line.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    HDD in one and none in the other is what might happen, honestly.