Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Games Thirst Review – Star Fox 64 3D

Yet another classic Nintendo 64 game that has been through the remake machine. Does Star Fox 64 3D hold up as well as the original did?

Teaching An Old Fox New Tricks

Star Fox 64 3D is an enhanced remake of the original Star Fox 64, if that hasn’t already clued in. The story and core gameplay of Star Fox 3D is essentially the same as the original with a few improvements substantial enough to be worth mentioning.

Flying through each planet, blasting your way through countless, nameless enemy drones. Just another day in the life of Fox McCloud. The goal is the game is to make your way through the many different planets in the game as you make your way to Andross.

The graphics have been enhanced and look fantastic, especially when you play it with the 3D turned on. Unlike a lot of 3DS games, the depth of field seen in Star Fox 3D is very well done. It was claimed that the new 3D function makes enemies easier to detect but it really isn’t. I find that it actually makes enemy ships harder to see because your ship obscures your vision.

There is also a gyro control scheme meaning you actually move the 3DS itself to control your ship. It’s unique and fun for a little while but then it just gets annoying. Thankfully you can still use the control pad to control the ship and this method is extremely smooth.

The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Enemy

Multiplayer makes a return to Star Fox 64 3D. This is both a good and bad feature and I’ll explain why. Multiplayer is done through 4-player versus modes that utilize the 3DS’ front facing camera. Using the camera, you can watch the expressions on your stupid friend’s face when you send his flaming corpse flying to the ground below. Ahh, good times.

Now for my only issue with the multiplayer, there is no online mode. Are you kidding me? With a game like this, especially with the camera feature it just demands to be an online multiplayer experience. I mean sure, you’d have to deal with all the perverts out there who would use the camera for..questionable things, but it’d be fantastic to watch a kid cry when you defeat him.

The map selection isn’t too great either but that’s to be expected. I can’t imagine too many people playing the multiplayer aspect of this game because you are forced to have friends with a copy who live nearby, a missed opportunity for sure.

The Final Path

It may not be a perfect game and the developers may have missed some great opportunities but it’s short comings don’t ruin an otherwise fantastic experience. With many planets and relatively weak multiplayer, there is room for replayability and anyone who enjoyed the original classic will love this rendition. It’s far better than some of the previous Star Fox games and yes, you will still want to slap Slippy just as much as you did in the past.


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