Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Video Thirst: Kratos Mortal Kombat Fatality Isn’t For The Faint Of Heart

And now it’s time to witness Kratos’ Mortal Kombat fatality. However if you’re prone to vomiting because of graphic scenes, stay away, as this one involves a big sword and the halving of opponents.

Video Thirst: Slice-N-Dice ‘Em, Kratos. Show No Mercy!

It’s you and a big sword, what would you do if you were asked to finish someone who’s intention was to do the same to you? True. I agree. Waste their lives like cow down.

Quench it:

But Mortal Kombat next week for PS3 or Xbox 360.

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  • Ghost250

    kratos the beast

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Now that’s what I call I KOMBO! This should be awesome.

  • afrotravis

    i dont know if any1 has noticed this… but sindel seems to be the victim of most of kratos’ attacks in almost all the videos tht have been released

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yeah, I noticed. Lol. Poor sindel – but she’s no saint either.

  • ExclusivesMostly

    Three Words: God of War!!!

  • benzo

    I know its the wrong game…but it seems as if the Killer Instinct announcer yelling “ULTRA!!!!” in an echoing voice would be appropriate…

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Man, benzo, Killer Instinct for SNES is my favorite fighter of all time. How I’d love for a “Project Cafe” remake! AH!

  • nick

    eh, for a GOW finisher that was kinda tame.
    hopefully his other fatalities will be more on GOW3s standards.
    i mean wheres the head ripping, eye gouging, face slamming, eye ripping, arm tipping, leg ripping, brutality were use to?
    i was hoping we would have a head rip like what GOW3 had.
    now thats a fatality!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    It was indeed wasn’t it? Lol. Well they can’t make him too terrible and make all the other characters look bad…

  • nick

    yea, but its kratos!
    were suppose to be squealing in our seats!
    dunno if tame is the best way to describe slicing a enemy in half, but thats pretty much the same as what barakas fatality is.
    weve seen far more gory, graphic, detailed scary stuff kratos has done, i was hoping to see more.

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