Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Modern Warfare 3

All participants must be registered to Games Thirst in order to play. Do that here. Once registered, include your Games Thirst username when submitting your online info to mVito and you’ll be all set. Do that here.

Once the first game goes up, it’ll be embedded here along with all MW3 tournament games. So keep checking back.

MW3 Guidelines and Rules:

- Qualifiers will be held every other tuesday
- 4 Player free for all (may increase with time)
- Map for contests will be chosen by host
- Championship will be played the week after the qualifier
- Current champion must win 3 times in a row to win the 1200 MP
- The Type 95 Assault Rifle is banned. All other guns are allowed.
- First to 30 kills in both qualifier and championship is the winner
- No attachments at the moment will be used in both qualifier and championship.

Championship Rules:

- For now, all Championship games will be 2v2s
- No attachments and perks will be used
- Type 95 Assault Rifle is also banned. All other guns are allowed.
- Challenger will decide the map.
- First to 30 kills wins
- The runner up may participate in the next qualifier if they so choose.
- If the current champion does lose, he gets the chance to have a rematch for
the championship if they choose the day after. This game will not be recorded or