Wednesday, September 10, 2014

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New Gears Of War 3 Screens Are Here, Shows Anya Kicking Butt

Gears of War 3′s been delayed until September of this year, and that’s only done one thing: it’s given Epic Games more time to polish the Xbox 360 exclusive. By all means, it’s the most anticipated Xbox game this year. Therefore, by all means, you should quench the three screens posted past the break – even more so because they ... Read More »

New Last Guardian Screens Send The World Up In Smoke

Damage control, damage control, we have a very troubling situation here. What seems to be some new screenshots of Team ICO’s new game, The Last Guardian, has just landed on the internet and it’s catching the whole place on fire. I can’t see nothing, the smoke’s engulfing the entirety of gaming’s web. Read More »

Donkey Kong Country Returns Gets Attractive Boxart, Screens

Hardcore gamers don’t play the Wii, folks say, that system’s just for kids. Who are they kidding? Nintendo’s best selling console’s just as hardcore as football fans who’ve traveled thousands of miles to support their favorite team. And just like them, Donkey Kong Country fans are waiting for the latest installment in the awesome franchise like a princess anticipating her ... Read More »

New inFamous 2 Screens Don’t Mess Around

inFamous 2, you’ve heard of it. Sucker Punch’s follow up to the critically acclaimed game has been building momentum ever since it was unveiled. You’ve seen the developer change Cole from new to old and finally to somewhere in between. But I can guarantee that you’ve never seen the game look so darn good. The screens past the break? Yeah, ... Read More »

New Arkham City Screenshots Make You Want To Spend Money

Are you a person with a lot of cash at your disposal? If so, I’m sure you already had Rocksteady’s Arkham City in your sight ever since it was announced. However, if you’re person who buys only 2 games per year, Arkham City is one you’d definitely want to spend money on. Why, you may ask? Just hit the link. Read More »

Killzone 3 Alpha Build vs Killzone 2 Screenshot Comparison

Killzone 2 is one of the best looking games on the PlayStation 3. In all honesty, when the game came out in February 2009, it was arguably the best looking game on PS3. Well since then things have changed drastically with the arrival of games such as Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and God of War III. But now even a ... Read More »

Nova, NFS: Shift And MLB Runs Slick On iPad

The iPad was announced a few moments ago and if one thing’s clear is the fact that Apple plans to move full throttle in the gaming industry with its new gadget. EA has been really excited about the new tech way before its unveiling and now we see screens of at least one of the publisher’s games running on the ... Read More »