Saturday, October 11, 2014

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Halo Anniversary And Title Update Detailed

Halo Fest has been and gone. During the weekend 343 Industries gave loads of fresh details about Halo Anniversary and a title update that will be applied to Halo: Reach. But with so much information in literally 100’s of hours of interviews, gameplay demos and developer panels it can be hard to know where to begin. I recently upload a ... Read More »

Top Four Xbox 360 Exclusives PS3 Gamers Would Die For

Shannel was perturbed, she’s been talking to her boyfriend on the phone for over an hour, and for some surreal reason beyond her understanding, he couldn’t pull himself together to hold a decent conversation. “I should dump that tool,” she thought, something that would become a reality by the time she hung up the phone. Read More »

Top 10 – Greatest Halo Maps Of All Time

Halo is one of the worlds most popular game franchises and has been for nearly 10 years. While an epic sci-fi narrative spanning the universe got the franchise to where it is, it’s the multi-player that keeps people coming back. As Halo is about to celebrate it’s 10th birthday we decided to take a look back at the best maps ... Read More »

Halo: Combat Evolved Was Almost A PS2 Exclusive

The things that happen behind the scenes. Things we’d probably never hear about if it wasn’t for some true investigation and hard questioning. I’m sure you’d never think in your wildest dreams that the Xbox’s most popular and important franchise almost became a PS2 exclusive. But it’s true, and if Sony’d played its cards tougher, Halo: Combat evolved would be ... Read More »

Can You Remember?

Memorable times are never forgotten by the ones who behold them. In fact those events are passed from one generation to the next until it’s legend, hence their immortality. In the gaming world, there are many events we can look back at and call them memorable; the ones that pop up in your mind without you having to conjure any ... Read More »