Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Saints Row IV rated in Australia, at last


After it was refused rating once and then twice, Saints Row IV finally gets rated in Australia. It received a rating of MA15+. The whole problem was a single side-mission, which was removed in order to meet classification guidelines. The cause for the rating refusal was that the mission involved “alien narcotics”  that improved super-powers temporarily. Yes, that was the ... Read More »

Video Thirst: The Mystery Of The Unicorn Gun Is Solved

You may or may not remember a post from a couple weeks back about a unicorn gun that will be appearing in a future Volition game. If it passed you by then you can check it out here. Well the mystery has been solved and we now know what game will be featuring possibly the most bizarre weapon ever seen ... Read More »

Red Faction: Armageddon, First Look

Red faction: Armageddon includes destruction, and lots of it. You can still run around like you did in Red Faction: Guerilla smashing buildings to the ground with your hammer, but in this game you won’t want to. Volition has added an incredible new arsenal of weaponry designed to do just that. The standout being the devastating magnet gun, that can ... Read More »