Tuesday, September 9, 2014


David O. Russell Responds To Fans Of Uncharted Over Movie Concerns, Seeks To Reassure

Ever since David O. Russell got the Uncharted movie gig and started talking about it, fans immediately became concerned. But it was not until he said that families in the move would have a “sopranos” feel to them did fans, including me, fainted. He’s heard about those concerns, thankfully, and he’s released comments trying hard to convince the inconvincible that ... Read More »

Halo Movie To Be Revived By DreamWorks, Studio Will Use Novels As Source

Halo has always been a successful franchise, whether it’s the novels or the games themselves, millions will get sold just because it boasts the Halo name. Bungie’s last effort, Halo: Reach, however, has been the most successful in franchise history and the Xbox 360′s best selling exclusive game to date. So with that comes notoriety, recognition, and the momentary drive ... Read More »

Spector On Roger Ebert: You’re Clueless About Games

I’m sure most can remember Roger Ebert’s double talk on games not being art, and after much heat from gamers and industry big names alike, he reverted, stating the form of entertainment can “some day” become art. Well that’s his take, right? But for Junction Point boss Warren Spector, who is currently making Epic Mickey, Ebert just “doesn’t get it”. Read More »

Uncharted To Become “Film Franchise” Says Hollywood Movie Producer

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was one of the movies games that really made some of Hollywood’s productions look silly. It was put together in such an proper and well thought out fashion that the producers responsible for making the movie feel pressured to guarantee an stellar, award winning effort. Ari Arad, a Hollywood film producer is the guy responsible for ... Read More »