Tuesday, September 9, 2014

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Inside Irrational: from System Shock 2 to Bioshock Infinite

elizabeth bioshock infinite

BioShock Infinite has just gone gold. It’s February 19, and outside it’s a frigidly cold morning on America’s East Coast. Sheltered from the elements, we’re speaking with Ken Levine in a dimly lit meeting room deep inside his studio’s Boston HQ. Rather than bask in the satisfying knowledge that five years of developmental graft are finally at an end, the Irrational ... Read More »

Could tech innovation drive an arcade revival?


Out-of-home gaming has been in decline for decades – but new technologies may be more suited to arcades than to living rooms. It’s ancient history now, but once upon a time, if you wanted to play the most recent and most interesting games, you had to get up, leave the house and make your way to an arcade. Games consoles ... Read More »

Eidos Montreal’s Thief: a respectful remastering somewhere between sequel and reboot


The first words spoken by shadow-hugging anti-hero Garrett in almost a decade are carefully chosen: “I’ve been away, but I couldn’t tell you where.” In that wry, noirish tone of old, they acknowledge his absence and also address the conundrum of bringing him back – the balancing act of continuity and reinvention at which Eidos Montreal proved itself more than ... Read More »

Consoles that won’t die: The Atari Jaguar Read


Out of This World (known as Another World outside of North America) is a true gaming classic, hitting systems as diverse as the Super Nintendo and iOS since its 1991 arrival on the Commodore Amiga. Creator Eric Chahi has now given his blessing to one more adaptation of the game on an unlikely console. Read More »

How Five Friends Emerged From The East Berlin Demoscene To DSpec Ops: The Line

spec ops the line

For 28 years the Berlin Wall separated the people of Germany’s capital, limiting the socialist East’s access to the media and technologies West Germans took for granted. In East Berlin, up-to-date computer hardware was uncommon, making gaming a hobby for only the most ardent enthusiasts, but software was cracked and traded by pirates. In a sense, Yager was born from East Berlin’s ... Read More »

They’re Watching: Why City-Wide Surveillance Failed To Stop The Boston Bombing


All day Sunday, police directed traffic around a blocked-off section of Boylston Street in downtown Boston where bombs had gone off nearly a week earlier, killing three and wounding hundreds. A makeshift memorial had been set up to honor the dead with personal messages and flowers, and old running shoes hung from metal barricades. Similar makeshift memorials were set up in ... Read More »

Samsung S4 Review


With the Galaxy S4, Samsung has mastered the art of churning out popular Android phones. Big screen? Check. Powerful hardware? Check. A horrendous-yet-friendly Android Skin? You betcha. Read More »

First Look at Halle Berry as Storm in X-Men: Days of Future Past


Director Bryan Singer has revealed the first look at Halle Berry as Storm on the set of X-Men: Days of Future Past. Earlier this month, we reported that the actress is still attached to the superhero sequel, despite recently becoming pregnant, although her role had to be tweaked slightly due to physical restrictions. Take a look at Storm’s costume and hairstyle in the latest photo from ... Read More »