Monday, July 7, 2014
Crysis 3 Reviews Are Live – Apathy

Crysis 3 Reviews Are Live – Apathy

Crysis 3 is out today in the U.S. and on Friday in Europe, however the game failed to impress critics, with Kotaku plainly telling gamers to stay way from this one. There’s a sense of apathy here. Scores inside.

Kotaku: NO

IGN – 8.5/10

OPM – 8/10
Destructoid – 7.5/10
Shacknews – No Score
Gamespot – 7.5/10
Polygon – 7/10
Digital Spy – 4/5

Eurogamer, giving the game a 7/10, concluded:

The story’s over, then, and the Nanosuit’s had what might be its final airing: is this the conclusion the Crysis series deserves? Not quite: that true panoramic freedom is still missing in action, the campaign’s rather undernourished as it rushes you into the final act and the fiction feels increasingly forgettable. There are charms here, though, if you boot up the tactical display and stick to the shadows. There’s the silent kill in glorious surroundings; there’s the swish of an arrow, the creak of a bow.

Crysis 3 is available today in the U.S., and on Friday in Europe.

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  • Alex Mason

    That seems like a great score for an over-milked franchise! XD

  • nick

    sadly what i was a little worried about.
    looks and seems like a awesome game, but also seems like its something thats been rushed out the door.
    like the developers started working on it, had a ball, than went oh shit weve been working on it for this long, im bored, come one we gotta get this out NOW!
    sad it wasent given the time and attention it deserves.
    sad to see another company creating their own demise.
    crytek, fair warning, this F2P BS WILL be the demise of you!
    not saying that it cant work for any game, it certainly can.
    but to say from now on were a F2P company, all our games are going to be F2P, is just INSANITY!
    ironic, considering thats the tag line for far cry 3, a series crytek started………