Sony Sold 6.3 Million PS3s Worldwide In Christmas Quarter

by Ernice Gilbert on February 4th, 2010, under PS2, PSP, Playstation 3, Sony

2009 was the PS3’s best year since it arrived on the scene back in 2006, and now Sony’s revealed that it sold over 6.3 million units worldwide during the Christmas quarter, that’s a rise of above 45% over 2008 when the company sold 4.5 million units in Q3.

It’s safe to say that none of this would be possible if Sony hadn’t re-released the PS3 introducing a slim down version and lowering the price of the console from $399 to $299.

PSP and PS2 suffered downturns however, with PSP down from 5.1 million units sold in FY2008 to 4.2 million Q32009.

The PS2 sold 400,000 less units, with the aging console selling 2.1 million, down from 2.5 quarter-over-quarter.

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