According To Bioware, There’s “A Tremendous Amount Of Interest” In A Mass Effect Film

by Ernice Gilbert on January 23rd, 2010, under Gaming News

Bioware’s masterpiece, Mass Effect 2 is about to hit store shelves in the next few days, a happy time for many gamers. But even while you’ll be enjoying the latest installment of the studio’s sci-fi title, Hollywood is tireless lobbying behind the scenes to take the Mass Effect experience to the big screens. But according to Bioware there’s no need to worry because it won’t happen, at least not yet.

“Obviously we have a tremendous amount of interest from people in Hollywood to make a major motion picture about Mass Effect,” the game’s Director, Casey Hudson told MTV. “The most important thing for us is, we don’t just want to see a movie get made. We want to see a great movie get made, if it’s going to be done at all.”

Gamers who are weary of seeing excellent titles get butchered by Hollywood directors should rest easy for the moment, as Casey says that they’re in no hurry to do it.

“We’re just looking at our options there, but waiting to make sure that we have something really right before we do it,” Casey added.

Although Hollywood has a terrible track record when it comes to making good movies out of games and vice-versa, there’s always a slim chance that something good could come out of there; especially if Bioware take its time to search for a team that would really care about the film and not just the dollars. We’ll see how it goes.

In the mean time, the game’s out next week.

Via MTV.

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  1. Sat, 23rd Jan 2010 at 7:26 pm

    Can’t wait for game this is gonna be awesome on xbox I will be camped out at my buddy’s house when this releases

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