Sunday, February 1, 2015

Rumor: “Before The Year Is Out, Mass Effect 2 Will Be On PS3″

We have some big news for PS3 owners from an insider source who’s name we can’t reveal. The conversation was rather interesting but the information released was nothing short of astounding.

“I have some news that I’ve been meaning to contact you with from since late last year,” our source said.

I asked what news was so pressing, the source hesitated and then said this:

“It’s becoming pretty obvious that EA doesn’t care about keeping this a secret any longer so why should I keep shut? EA and Bioware wanted Mass Effect 2 on PS3 alongside 360 from launch day but certain constraints with Microsoft wouldn’t allow them to do that, however before the year is out, Mass Effect 2 will be on PS3.”

“Look out for an E3 reveal along with new IPs announced [by Bioware] for Xbox 360, PC and PS3, I can assure you this.”

I pressed for further information about the new IPs but the source didn’t budge, only saying to “expect bigs things from Bioware at E3 this year.”

Mass Effect 2 has been out for about one week and a half and has gone on to sell well past 2 million units and is now one of the highest ranking Xbox 360 exclusives on Metacritic. So it’s no doubt PS3 fans will welcome this news.

This comes as no surprise to me in all honesty, big publishers like EA just don’t do exclusive. The only safe bet from hence fourth will be first party studios, but third party? Don’t count on it.

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  • newyearnewrule

    Whoa, interesting conversations….

    So finally I’ll get to experience What my 360 fans have been enjoying? Nice!

  • CrimsonFox13

    To be honest, I’m starting to expect they’ll release a trilogy pack after Mass Effect 3 releases on the 360. I think it’ll be a couple of years until the PS3 versions release.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    We’ll see about this but the source has been pretty accurate.

    We’ll have to and and see what E3 produces…

  • coffeewithgames

    I don’t know if anybody else saw, but a guy playing the PC version of Mass Effect 2 found a code name that ended in with “PS3″.

    As for E3, I think it’s going to be interesting, because there is so much that will probably be shown and demoed on the show floor. Can’t wait to see what is unveiled for the first time!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yeah, will be exciting Coffee, no doubt about that!

    Looking forward to it, and yeah I did saw that piece with the guy who found the code.

    It’s basically confirmed now.

  • coffeewithgames

    BTW, did your source mention if the first Mass Effect would make it to the PS3? Seeing how the first game data, can transfer to the second game, I would hope they release both on the PS3.

  • dlfootball72

    Ah finally they are bringing mass effect to ps3 kudos to Bioware. I just finally got a chance to play ME2 on my buddy’s xbox and let me tell you HOLY CRAP this is THE game to have on an xbox I loved it and wish I had an xbox so I could really sink my teeth into the story of the game there is a mind boggling amount of content in it.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    No, the source made no mention of Mass Effect 1 making to PS3 although I suspect it might happen as a pack.

    I was so busy trying to get information on the new IPs that it totally slipped my mind..


    Great news find EG! It’s a BIG E3 this year…