Thursday, May 1, 2014
Capcom registers trademark for Remember Me

Capcom registers trademark for Remember Me

Is an E3 announcement around the corner?

Capcom has registered a trademark for a video game called Remember Me.

According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the filing (via Trademarkia) for Remember Me was made on 22nd May 2012, and relates to computer game software.

A trademark for Remember Me was also filed in Europe, with OHIM, on May 25th.
But what is Remember Me? With the E3 trade show right around the corner and trademarks in place, an announcement looks imminent.

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  • nick

    oh the irony, the irony of it all!
    after what you have done to your fans beloved franchises like DMC, RE, mega man, SF, dead rising, ect, ect.
    after what you did to one of the wackiest most humorous developers out there!
    GRIN, now dead thanks to you crapcom!
    after all that, how could we forget you?
    dont worry, we WILL remember you!
    but maybe not the way you would want us too……….