WTH Square-Enix? Where’s The PS3 FFXIII Love? Don’t Forget Your Past

by Ernice Gilbert on February 14th, 2010, under Editorials

Final Fantasy, one of the most legendary RPGs ever forged. It is, in essence, the epitome of what we’ve come to expect in said genre. Also, the PlayStation brand has been for a very long time synonymous with game from the early days of Final Fantasy VII, leading up to PS2’s final installment, Final Fantasy XII.

Those days were amazing yes, but now things have changed. Games are much more expensive to develop and studios must do all in their power to maximize profit, it’s understandable. The best way to do it, is not making games exclusive to a console and thereby cutting out half of your potential customers; it’s really simple business.

So when Square-Enix announced back at E3 2008 that Final Fantasy XIII, the game that was once exclusive to the PS3 console would be making its way to the Xbox 360 system, I was not surprised, and not bothered either; if these companies are going to survive, they MUST find ways to maximize profit.

But with that being said, there’s no denying that in recent news, we’ve come to learn that the PS3 version of FFXIII won’t be getting much advertising love from Square-Enix in the west. First, the game will only be bundled with the Xbox 360, it’s an exclusive for said system. Second, an ad was just released for the game, and at the end, there’s nothing that says it’s coming to PS3 also, just the “jump in” Xbox 360 logo. What the hec is going on? I know the publisher must have been the recipient of big bucks from the Microsoft but the PlayStation brand is what made the franchise what it is today.

And I have only love for Microsoft and its console, Redmond has the right to do whatever it takes to compete. The responsibility is on Square-Enix to deal with integrity and learn not to always put money before fans. Do they even care about the fans anymore? I love my 360, but for sure I’ll purchase the game on PS3, it’s where I’ve played all my Final Fantasy games.

Yesterday we learnt that some screens released by the publishing giant were doctored to make both the PS3 and Xbox 360 version look identical. When folks complained, the publisher sent out release stating,“we are looking into how the #FFXIII altered screens ended up on our presskit & will update asap. This was obviously not intentional,” Sonia Im, Square-Enix of North America PR Manager tweeted. “Aside from easily being proven as altered, and this method not being one we use, we don’t feel there is a need to enhance Xbox 360 #FFXIII version.”

We have no idea how this happened, or why would the company be so laxed to allow such a fopa, but it did happen, adding even more suspicion to its already tarnished image.

An argument could be waged on the opposite saying the game was exclusive to PS3 in Japan, but that’s Japan. And Square-Enix had its reasons for doing this. But I see no good justification to withhold a PS3 bundle, advertise the game with just Xbox 360 logos as if it was exclusive to that system in the west, when PS3 owners are the ones who’ve made the franchise what it is today.

We are not fanboys here at Gamest Thirst, we just simply discuss the issues, this is one of them that we should all join in on and share our thoughts.

In conclusion, I’d like to encourage every fan of the game, to forget about Square-Enix’s mistakes, or ignorance, and buy the game. If you’re fan, nothing should keep you back from picking this one up, whether it’s on PS3 or Xbox 360. It’ll probably be the last of its kind and if so, we all should be there for the grand finale.

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  1. Sun, 14th Feb 2010 at 1:06 pm

    Well i can see why they released a 360 bundle for US, since 360 will sell more copies. Since ps3 does better sales than 360 in japan so that why they had FF13 theme ps3 released there. I think SE know what they are doing. It all about money, Big surprise.

    • Sun, 14th Feb 2010 at 2:24 pm

      So you do agree that they don’t care about the fans no more.

      And I have to disagree, I don’t think the Xbox 360 version will sell more that PS3.

      Way to many fans of the game are PS3 owners, way too many.

  2. Sun, 14th Feb 2010 at 2:50 pm

    Yesterday, when I saw this thing about the exclusive ad, the dedicated website to the 360 version (in Europe), I thought that Microsoft is really trying hard to make people buy a 360 for FF13.
    But looking at amazon.com best sellers today, i found out that the 360 version is far, far behind the PS3. We’ll see in March, when we’ll have the sale figures, but now, I see in Microsoft’s way to over-market the 360 version in EU and US a kind of desperate move. I mean, is this a reaction to the fact that FF13 is approximately pre-ordered more with a 2:1 ratio on the PS3? Or would have they done this huge ad campaign anyway?

    One final word about Square : It seems that Squex is now trying to widen its audience, and they have sort of announced that they’re done with the longs and spectaculars RPGs. So we must not be surprised if they do not care that much with their faithful Playstation fans: they’re now a part of the past.

    • Sun, 14th Feb 2010 at 4:36 pm

      Good points there chuck, and welcome! Feel free to continue sharing your thoughts.

      Well if indeed they’re done with “spectacular RPGs” I won’t be buying their games anymore.

      That’s the only genre of games they make that I enjoy.

  3. Mon, 15th Feb 2010 at 12:48 am

    @Ernice Gilbert

    No i don’t entirely agree, but do think that SE is thinking less about the fans and more about the money. If they truly care about fans they wouldn’t exclude ps3 fans from such titles as:
    Star Ocean: The Last Hope
    The Last Remnant
    Infinite Undiscovery

    Im aware that the ps3 has two of those titles now or are coming to the console, but they are late. If they really care they would want all fans to play the game at same time.
    But we shall see US sales for both console went sale figures release. I’ll be very surprise if ps3 sale more seeing how 360 has much more large fan base in US.

    • Mon, 15th Feb 2010 at 1:15 am

      It’s not a matter of install base when it comes to Final Fantasy XIII Shadow, it’s a matter of following.

      Who knows about it, who likes that type of game and who’ll eventually buy it.

      Overwhelmingly, it’s the PS3 owners imo.

      But like you said, we shall see. : )

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