Back Of Final Fantasy XIII 360 Confirms DLC

by Ernice Gilbert on February 6th, 2010, under Microsoft, Square-Enix, Xbox 360

Looking at the back of the Xbox 360 Final Fantasy box-art, it basically confirms Downloadable content for the game.

According to the box, the game will have “game download content”.

That’s good news, question is will the DLC be an Xbox 360 exclusive, or is it coming to both consoles? I’d rather both but you never know, Publishers are thinking more about their pockets than gamers these days so it’s a wait and see situation now.

Also, the game’s producer, Yoshinori Kitase has been back and fourth concerning the subject of DLC, saying there ain’t going to be DLC, in an interview with the Ultima Guide for the title. That was before he uttered there will be new content in an interview with OPM Benelux, so you never know.

March 9th is when it’ll be out in the west, are you planning on buying the game?

Thanks, All Games Beta.

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