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Microsoft Confirms That It Has “No Plans” To Release Xbox One Without Kinect December 15, 2015

Microsoft has confirmed to Gamefront that it has no plans to release a Kinect-less Xbox One.

In a response to the site, MS Said it believes that Kinect adds great value to the overall Xbox One package at its $499 price point.

We have no plans to introduce an Xbox One without Kinect. We believe in Kinect and the value it brings to both games and entertainment, and believe $499 is a great value for what consumers receive with their Xbox One.

This as gamers have been growing increasingly wary of Microsoft’s justification for adding Kinect to the Xbox One package, and it’s been amplified after it was leaked that the Redmond, Washington company had been working with the NSA and CIA to provide said government firms sensitive information of its users on Skype, Outlook, SkyDrive and more.

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