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Xbox or Playstation 4 for Christmas 2016? November 4, 2016

A year ago, any gamer would have told you hands down to buy a PlayStation 4 from Sony. I think the decision is much harder this year. Microsoft has brought a whole new slew of features to the Xbox One making it much more enticing. You’ve got the Windows 10 roll out to Xbox One revamping the entire OS. You’ve got the ability to play all your older 360 games now for free. You’ve got exclusives like Tomb Raider and Halo. Oh dear, Halo. It makes things tough. PlayStation 4 is still the graphics juggernaut out of the two. But everything else has kinda evened up. I am not going to tell you to go with one or the other, I still am a big PC guy and probably always will be. Speaking of which, if you have any shopping to do I’d suggest this website I found called High Ground Gaming. I found my most recent monitor with the help of their gaming monitor guide here. To be honest here, I’ve just got too much invested in my PC gaming set up. We’re talking over $1,500 in my system, plus the desk, and office chair. Then gaming keyboard, gaming mouse, the list goes on so you probably get the jist of things.

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