Friday, August 29, 2014

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The Compromised Promise of Titanfall


It seems to me that when the developers who created the Call of Duty franchise, Jason West and Vince Zampella, left Infinity Ward, the studio they created to form a nimble team that would work on the “next big thing” in gaming, the promise was to deliver an experience like none other to gamers around the world, on platforms. That ... Read More »

Titanfall Also Coming To PS4


When EA and Respawn Entertainment debuted Titfanfall at Microsoft’s Xbox E3 press conference in June, 2013, the game was pinned as coming to Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. But when asked on multiple occasions whether the game would come to PS3 and PS4, Respawn Entertainment didn’t deny it would, stating, “we want to be everywhere”. Read More »

EA Reveals Its GamesCom Linuep


As the games media gets ready for GamesCom happening in mid-August, EA games has revealed that it will be there and will bring all its heavy hitters along for the ride, including big-name games like Battlefield 4, FIFA 14 and Titafall, amongst others. Read More »

Titanfall Is Coming To PS4, Respawn Simply Can’t Say It


You are a PlayStation gamer or at least looking to buy PS4 over Xbox One in November, and although all the other games look great, there’s one title that’s peaked your interest: Titanfall. Only problem is the game won’t be coming to PS4…. or at least that’s what Microsoft wants us to believe – but what does Respawn Entertainment has ... Read More »