Monday, June 3, 2013

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Thirst Conversations: Let’s Help Danger Close Out

Medal Of Honor: Warfighter

Listen, man. I know there are stupid videogame names out there, but Warfighter, the subtitle for EA’s Medal Of Honor 2012 effort has got to be the dumbest game title ever imagined and processed to life. Come on, you mean with all the intelligent people are DC, that’s the best they could have done? Smh… Let’s help these guys out, ... Read More »

This Could Be The Next Medal Of Honor – Medal Of Honor: Forefront

Medal Of Honor was reintroduced to gamers last year, and although the game didn’t live up to the hype according to some critics, it managed to sell over 4 million copies worldwide, ensuring another sequel next year. In fact, EA’s said it hopes to take on Call of Duty with a triple-edged sword: Battlefield 3, Respawn Entertainment’s unannounced sci-fi title, ... Read More »

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