Friday, August 29, 2014

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Killzone 3 Gets Walmart Midnight Launch, Giveaways And More

The Killzone 3 hype train is in full tempo, with reviews already hitting the web and the beta code in full action now on PSN. But Sony’s just getting started. If you can’t wait until the morning of February 22nd to pick up the game, SCEA’s got a plan that will suit you perfectly. Midnight launch parties at Walmart stores ... Read More »

New God Of War Might Be At Our Doors

Sorry for the cliche’-esque title, but it’s true. According to recent job postings on the official PlayStation Careers site , Santa Monica might just be hard at work on yet another God of War game. We say bring it on! Read More »

Killzone 3 To Last 8-10rs In Singler Player

Guerrilla Games had about two years to prepare Killzone 3 for your shooting pleasures, and come February 22nd, those desires will be fulfilled. But if you were wondering how long, exactly, will the game’s single-player fix last, just know it’ll be longer that your average shooter. Read More »

Video Thirst: SOCOM 4 Gets New Trailer, Release Date

While the world may be focused on NGP at the moment, and in the shooter genre, Killzone 3, Zipper Interactive’s upcoming shooter, SOCOM 4, has just received a hot new trailer and a release date. So in hopes of not becoming NGPThirst, we’ve put up the vid past the break. Read More »