Friday, August 29, 2014

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Xbox 360 Is The Best Environment For Alan Wake Says Remedy

Alan Wake was supposed to be a multiplatform title. Yes, the game was set to hit PC alongside its 360 counterpart, albeit on a later date. But it got canned. So now, the highly anticipated thriller will be enjoyed only on the 360, and according to Remedy, it’s because said system is a much better “environment” than PC. Yeah that’s ... Read More »

Review Quencher: Heavy Rain – All In One Place

Heavy Rain has been reviewed, and reviewed again, but today the embargo lifted and the web instantly flooded with verdicts from various outlets in many parts of the world. You want to know how it’s looking yes? We have what matters for you, matters to you? Then run past the break. Read More »

New Heavy Rain Screens Remind Me Of Something

I can’t put my hands on what exactly that feeling is… but it’s something. The good and the bad, the great moments and the times when you want to give up. The times when all you can do is lean on someone close and the moments when what you really need is to be left alone. Read More »

Video Thirst: Leaked Heavy Rain Gameplay

Heavy Rain won’t be out in the US and UK until February 23rd and 26th respectively, but if you’re not worried about spoilers, we have over 7 minutes of unadulterated footage for you. What do you say? It’s after the break. Read More »