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Pre-Order Diablo 3 – Gain Experience.


So if your like me you were pretty interested in the news that Blizzards Diablo 3 was coming to the Playstation 3. If your that person you’ll probably enjoy the fact that when you pre-order Diablo 3 for the PS3 you’ll be treated to the Infernal Helm item. Wearable at level 1, the Infernal Helm confers a +EXP bonus to ... Read More »

Blizzard unveils new Paragon System for Diablo III


Blizzard knows Diablo III’s end-game content is lackluster, and people have no incentives to keep playing. That’s going to change though, with patch 1.0.4 and the new Paragon System. Apart from changes to the Legendaries, and the improvements to the barbarian, demon hunter, monk, witch doctor, and wizard, and a list of Systems Changes, this patch will introduce players to ... Read More »

Character profiles available for Diablo III site


As was earlier teased by Blizzard, character profiles are now available for all. Login to the site with your account, and you will have access to a showcase of your characters and your followers, with detailed statistics on all their information. Updates are bound to follow, as Blizzard said. Below, you may see a screenshot of what the ... Read More »

Big reveal coming to soon

diablo 3new

As Blizzard announced just moments ago on their official Facebook page, a new feature is coming soon to Said feature is enigmatic though, with nothing more than a picture being available in the post. The above image, which served as the teaser’s main attraction, shows an analysis of a Barbarian, with lines stretching out from some of his body ... Read More »

Useful Diablo 3 Tips And Tricks

diablo 3new

For those who love playing big games like Diablo 3, it’s always a good thing when help comes in the form of tips and tricks. We have a good amount of that below the break for all you fans out there. Read More »

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