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Who Do You Trust With Game Reviews, The Big 3 Or Smaller Sites?

By Ernice Gilbert, January 7, 2010 7 DS, Editorials, Nintendo Wii, PC, Playstation 3, PSP, Xbox 360

Tweet   IGN, Gamespot and Game Trailers are considered as the three biggest gaming websites in the industry. They have millions of visitors each month and are considered the most important and reliable by many, including publishers, developers, console makers… Read More »

Games Thirst Interview: NPD’s David Riley

By Ernice Gilbert, January 1, 2010 1 DS, Interview, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, PSP, Xbox 360

Tweet   We sat with David Riley of the NPD group before, and he’s decided to join us yet again as part of the grand opening of our website to field some more questions. There’s a lot of ground that’s… Read More »

Games Thirst Review: Silent Hill Origins (PSP)

By Colton West, December 30, 2009 0 PSP, Written Reviews

Tweet Publisher: Konami Developer: Climax Studios Player:(s) 1 Genre: Survival Horror Release Date: (NA) November 6, 2007 (EU) November 16, 2007 (JP) December 6, 2007 Platform:(s) PSP (also on PS2) Rated: Mature The horrors of Silent Hill are unleashed in… Read More »

Games Thirst Review: Dissidia: Final Fantasy (PSP)

By Colton West, December 29, 2009 0 PSP, Written Reviews

Tweet Publisher: Square-Enix Developer: Square-Enix Player:(s) 1 Offline, 1-2 Ad-Hoc Genre: Fighting, Role-playing Release Date: (NA) August 25, 2009 (EU) September 4, 2009 (JP) December 18, 2008 Platform:(s) PSP Rated: Teen Dissidia: Final Fantasy is a game that differs from… Read More »