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Report – Coming To A PS3 Near You, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

By Ernice Gilbert, May 25, 2011 7 Hot, News, PSP, Sony

Tweet It’s one of the games that I’m sure PS3 fans the world over would love to play on their PS3s, and according to a latest report, it seems that wish is about to come true. But I’m thinking, could… Read More »

Sony’s E3 Website Goes Live, Go Wild

By Ernice Gilbert, May 24, 2011 9 Hot, News, NGP, PS3, PSP, Sony

Tweet You’re ready for E3 are you not? Yes indeed, this year’s looking to be the most explosive yet. We’ve got new stuff from Nintendo, Microsoft, and of course, Sony. The latter company’s just sent its E3 website live in… Read More »

Video Thirst: First Monster Hunter Portable HD Footage Released

By Ernice Gilbert, May 22, 2011 2 Hot, News, PS3, PSP, Sony

Tweet In tandem with the announcement that its about to release select PSP titles on PS3 in beautiful HD, Sony’s also sent live a video showing the first game that’ll hit the scene in action. It’s Monster Hunter Portable 3rd… Read More »

PSP Games Coming To PS3 In “Remastered” Form

By Ernice Gilbert, May 22, 2011 4 Hot, News, PSP, Sony

Tweet Sony’s announced that it’ll re-release select PSP titles on the PS3, coming with bonus content and in full HD.

The Megatons: These Four Unexpected Games Will Rock E3 2011

By Ernice Gilbert, May 19, 2011 4 Article, DS, E3 2011, Hot, News, NGP, Nintendo Wii, PC, PS3, PSP, Wii 2, Xbox 360, Xbox 720, Xbox Live

Tweet So you’re pumped about E32011 eh? You think it’s going to be the mother of all of gaming expos and will unveil some of your favorite games. You’re officially gung ho about Uncharted 3, and the latest Battlefield 3… Read More »

Rumor Water: God Of War Portable Collection Coming To PS3

By Ernice Gilbert, May 16, 2011 2 Hot, News, PS3, PSP

Tweet God of War has seen a HD Remake of the first two PS2 games come available on PS3, but now, according to Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, there’s a God of War Portable collection making its way to PS3.

Zumba Fitness Tops UK Charts Once More, Crysis 2 Slips To Third

By Ernice Gilbert, April 18, 2011 2 Hot, industry news, News, Nintendo Wii, PC, PSP, Xbox 360

Tweet There are more soccer moms in the wild than previously thought, then. Because Zumba Fitness, a fitness title developed by 505 Games has once again taken the number spot on the UK game sales chart. Meanwhile, Crysis 2 fell… Read More »

GTA Vice City Stories For Free

By Ernice Gilbert, April 13, 2011 4 Hot, News, PSP, Take-Two

Tweet It’s not every time a customer should “buy” products. I reckon, there are times when stuff should be given us for free. Lucky day, boys and girls. Today’s your day to pick up some GTA goodies for free.

White Knight Chronicles Has Shipped Over One Million Units

By Ernice Gilbert, April 11, 2011 2 News, PS3, PSP, Sony

Tweet Didn’t get a chance to delve into White Knight Chronicles? That’s sad, as soon over a million people will be waiting on you to see what the rave is all about. The game’s apparently shipped past one million units… Read More »

PSP Beats 3DS In Japan

By Ernice Gilbert, April 10, 2011 4 Hot, News, PSP, Sony

Tweet The 3DS was supposed to eternally and universal lay Sony’s veteran PSP to rest. At least in Japan, and the first week the new handheld console went on sale, you think it’d do just that. But that’s not the… Read More »

PSP Gets Price Cut In Europe Except UK

By Ernice Gilbert, April 8, 2011 4 Hot, News, PSP, Sony

Tweet Rumors were spinning around gaming’s web earlier today telling of a price cut that Sony had given the PSP. Well the giant’s come clean and confirmed the news, but while most of Europe will see the PSP’s price drop… Read More »

Rumor Water – Sony Employee Drops Bomb, Reveals The Company’s Entire E32011 Plans

By Ernice Gilbert, April 6, 2011 10 Hot, News, NGP, PS3, PSP, Sony

Tweet This happens to Sony every time: once E3 draws nigh, one of its employees spills all the company’s closely guarded show plans. But this is gaming’s web where anything can happen. I mean, just look at the Hollywood blockbuster… Read More »

US PS Store Update Includes Red Faction: Battleground, SOCOM 4 Beta For All

By Ernice Gilbert, April 6, 2011 3 Hot, News, PS3, PSN, PSP, PSPgo, Sony

Tweet Sony’s already updated the US PS Blog, and this week is packed with amazing content. Red Faction: Battlefield up for grabs, and the SOCOM 4 beta goes live for all.

PSP Takes Lead As Sony Dominates Japan In 2010

By Ernice Gilbert, April 3, 2011 3 industry news, News, PSP, Sony

Tweet According to a new set of sales figures, Sony’s PSP dominated the Japanese videogames market in 2010, beating out the Wii, DS, and all other consoles.

Online Quencher – US PS Store Update Features ME2 “Arrival DLC”, Free Realms

By Ernice Gilbert, March 29, 2011 6 Hot, News, PS3, PSP, Sony

Tweet When last did you get a chance to Play a free MMO via PSN? Never, right? That’s all about to change, as Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has let loose its latest MMO dubbed Free Realms on the PlayStation Network…. Read More »