Monday, July 7, 2014

Wii U

Wii U Won’t Be “Hard To Sell”, Claims Nintendo

More than a few people were confused by the unveiling of Wii U. ‘What’s it, really?’ was the question many asked, not knowing if the big, fat controller was also the console. Turned out it was not, but the controller, however, is Nintendo’s selling point. You follow? Good, because Nintendo believes the average person will, saying Wii U wont’ be ... Read More »

Quick Quenchers: Zelda Wii U tech Demo Is “Not Necessarily” Franchise’s Future

“You probably remember that when we introduced the GameCube, we showed a somewhat realistic Zelda demo. And what we actually created was the cel-shaded Wind Waker. So when we show a graphic demo, people think, ‘Oh, this is what the next Zelda will look like,’ but that’s not necessarily the case.” – The Legends of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma ... Read More »

The Reasons Why Hardcore Gamers Will Accept Wii U

Every Gamesthirst user’s heard of Wii, but I’m sure most of them don’t own one, even if they’re in a house with the aging console. Why? Because Nintendo’s bestselling system, although it’s sold more than any other platform this generation, hasn’t been able to connect with the hardcore crowd because, well, it’s not hardcore enough. The firm’s President Satoru Iwata ... Read More »