Friday, August 29, 2014


Thirsty Conversations

It’s Wednesday folks, mid week. We are gamers united here at Games Thirst. We don’t fight, fall into fanboy fits or call each other derogative names. No. We simply enjoy games. Read More »

For Microsoft, Natal Will last Five Years

Five years is the lifespan Microsoft’s Project Natal will enjoy from the time it’s released this fall, says Aaron Greenberg. “The richness of the technology is going to really enable us experiences that had never existed before,” he told CVG. “And we’re not just speaking about what we’re doing this year, but I think two, three, four, five years from ... Read More »

Did Square-Enix Try To Fool Us?

So, Final Fantasy XIII was once a PS3 exclusive as we all know. But at E3 2008, the publisher’s president Yoichi Wada, announced that the game would go multiplatform and would be available on the Xbox 360. PS3 fans were furious when they heard the news, some going as far as to say they won’t purchase the game. I thought ... Read More »

Weekend Quencher

The weekend is upon us folks. Every second that passes without you doing something constructive is time wasted. Places to go, people to meet, games to play, life’s what you make it. What are you doing this weekend? Read More »

Red Dead Redemption Needs Your Attention

Rockstar knows how to advertise, and apparently knows a lot of people. Red Dead Redemption, the westerner that’s due a release on April 27th, has not been the recipient of what we call ‘viral advertising’. You know, this thing that happens on the web where sites (like what we’re doing with Heavy Rain), take it upon themselves to promote a ... Read More »