Friday, August 29, 2014


Weekend Quencher 08/03/13 – And It Cometh, Edition


The transition is almost complete. Soon gamers around the world will lay down their old controllers and take up new ones. They’ll sell or store their old consoles for new, more powerful boxes, boasting all sorts of new features that enhance gaming. I’m talking about PS4 and Xbox One of course, hitting store shelves and, consequently, home entertainment units around ... Read More »

Destiny To Have Borderlands Influences


When Bungie set out to make a new game, they obviously looked from within and built upon the things they’ve learned over the years. But only a fool would neglect the chance to glean ideas from successful game makers and their top chatting titles. Bungie aren’t fools, that we know, but it still came as surprise when Destiny creative lead Joe ... Read More »

Two Brand New Call of Duty: Ghosts Gameplay Videos And Four New Screenshots


Fresh out of the special Call of Duty: Ghosts showing earlier today, Activision and Infinity Ward have released two brand new gameplay videos showing underwater action and some much appreciated warfare including the beloved Dog who, after many thought must have been named Dave, is actually called Riley. Four new screenshots were also released, showing the game’s next-gen visual prowess. ... Read More »