Friday, August 29, 2014


Weekend Quencher 09/23/11 – Next Thursday, Edition

Another weekend is upon us, guys. And while I take some time off to get some gaming on, and take care of some other things, I’ll be thinking about next Thursday. Why, you ask? Well we all will finally get a taste of EA’s highly anticipated shooter, Battlefield 3, and we’ll all experience what the hype is about and whether ... Read More »

OnLive Out This Week In The UK

OnLive has been around for a while now and is deemed by many to be the future of gaming. It isn’t without it’s faults with connection limitations standing out as the biggest but this new cloud gaming software will soon be available in the UK for the first time this Thursday. Read More »

Halo Anniversary And Title Update Detailed

Halo Fest has been and gone. During the weekend 343 Industries gave loads of fresh details about Halo Anniversary and a title update that will be applied to Halo: Reach. But with so much information in literally 100′s of hours of interviews, gameplay demos and developer panels it can be hard to know where to begin. I recently upload a ... Read More »

Weekend Quencher 08/27/11 – All Of This Gaming Stuff, Edition

A lot’s been going on recently. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will see timed exclusive come to Xbox 360 first, thanks to a deal signed between MS and Bethesda (Microsoft must be paying them really well). EA’s trying to screw gamers with Battlefield 3 by forcing them to accept ludicrous terms and conditions of its online service, Origin, because the ... Read More »