Sunday, July 6, 2014


Entire Uncharted 3 Trophy List Leaked

Today should be dubbed “trophy and achievements leak” day on gaming’s web, as earlier Modern Warfare 3′s entire achievements list was leaked, and now Uncharted 3 has suffered the exact fate. Catch the latter game’s entire trophy list below the break. Read More »

Sony’s New Law: You Can’t Login To PSN If You Want To Sue Us

And so it’s happened. After the armada of lawsuits Sony faced following the hacking of PSN, the firm’s gone on to amend its terms and conditions for PSN, and the revised version has rather fighting language. In essence if you’re looking to sue Sony for anything PSN-related in the future, you won’t be gaming on the online service any longer. ... Read More »

PSN Now More Secure Than Ever, Adds 3 Million New Users

I remember the days vividly, when gamers around the internet would spell Sony’s doom over the PSN hacks. But checking a few months later, when Anonymous are being roundup around the world, and PSN’s back in full force, the service, according to Sony, has added 3 million new users and is now stronger than ever. Read More »

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive First Batch Of Screens Released

Valve has released the first set of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive screens, the online-only shooter that’ll see a release early next year, and we’re not sure what to make of them. I mean, they look alright but man, compared to today’s shooters, the screens look rather poor. Then again, Counter-Strike never was about visuals. Have a look. Read More »