Sunday, July 6, 2014


This Week’s US PS Store Update One Of The Best Yet


I mean, when you’re getting Uncharted 3, Tomb Raider and other great games for free on PS Plus, plus PS4 games Resogon and Dead Nation free of charge, there’s no way you won’t be a happy PlayStation camper. Granted some of these games have been free for PS Plus users for a while, but some gamers are unaware of this, ... Read More »

Quenchable: The Last of Us Sells 6 Million Units


After accepting its many wins for The Last of Us at the BAFTA Games Awards, Naughty Dog announced that the game had topped over 6 million units sold worldwide. Not bad for what’s considered by many to be the best game ever made. Yes, you read that right. And now you’re quenched, courtesy the EU PS Blog. Read More »