Friday, January 30, 2015


Metal Gear Solid 4 trophy list revealed


Mr Kojima was kind enough to share with us a release date for the much-craved patch that will bring trophies to our valuable Metal Gear Solid 4, as well as the list of the trophies. A generic “early August” will have to satisfy you, as it’s the only thing we got, and we also had no word related to the ... Read More »

Next Final Fantasy XIII game has entered development

final fantasy versus xiiinew

It was made known that there’s another game for the Final Fantasy XIII chapter coming our way. But now, it’s confirmed that the game will be revealed on September 1, during the “Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Saga: New Developments Presentation”, at the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary event in Shibuya. In this week’s Famitsu magazine (via Andriasang), the game’s producer, Yoshinori ... Read More »

Rumor: New Battle Royale stages and characters surface?

ps battleroyale

A post on Reddit, made by user 696Ly, reveals a ton of stages and characters that are actually very believable and likely to be real. However, this is still a rumor, so don’t go crazy if they are revealed to be fake. Later, users miladesn and shagg_187 gave us more stage photos and titled them. All imagery below is their ... Read More »

New Battlefield 4 details, Armored Kill video


DICE posted new information regarding the upcoming Armored Kill DLC for Battlefield 3, as well as a bit of information on the recently-announced Battlefield 4. More specifically, DICE says that Battlefield 4’s development will not affect the developer, which is commited to providing an excellent Battlefield 3 experience even post-End Game, the last known DLC for the game. Also, they ... Read More »

Rumor Water: Black Ops 2 Release Date And MP Details Leaked

Black Ops 2

On November 13th, 2012, a total eclipse will take place, and some fan search has lead to the word “eclipse” being part of the next Call of Duty’s advertising strategy. November 13th also happens to be the second week in November, the time when Call of Duty games are traditionally released. But that’s not all: Almost every single detail concerning ... Read More »

Black Ops 2 “Debriefing” Coming Soon

Black Ops 2

It’s becoming more and more apparent that this year’s Call of Duty will be a sequel the Treyarch’s wildly popular COD: Black Ops. In fact, a retail source has sent Kotaku an image of a poster showing the game’s reveal date with text: “return for debriefing”. Read More »

Man vs machine – 1000 player FPS world record


Nearly 1,000 players zapped, fragged, and spawned their way into the record books this weekend by logging on with developer MuchDifferent to play the biggest online FPS game in video game history. It wasn’t pretty — and it’s still not 100% official — but if you’ve ever wondered what a 1000-person fragfest would look like, here’s it is: The Guinness ... Read More »

Bungie Apple – What Does It Mean?

Bungie Apple

Yes you read the title correctly. Since it’s split with Microsoft the gaming world has been in speculation about what the future of the now legendary developer Bungie would be. In April 2010 Bungie announced it was signing a 10 publishing agreement with Activision Blizzard to bring new IP’s to multiple platforms. Bungie however just uploaded a short video to ... Read More »