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By Ernice Gilbert, April 2, 2012 0 Games Thirst

Tweet In tandem with the introduction of Games Thirst: The Official Gamer Drink, we’ve also created a portal that’s to include everything concerning the drinks.

By Ernice Gilbert, April 2, 2012 34 Games Thirst

Tweet This is the big announcement I’ve been waiting to tell you guys about, and now that it’s almost here, I feel it’s time to let the cat out the bag. Also, for the first time since I founded Games… Read More »

By Ernice Gilbert, March 31, 2012 4 Games Thirst, News

Tweet We’re finally ready to make the announcement I’ve been teasing from last week on Monday, April 2nd. Like I said in the earlier posts, it’ll definitely be our biggest announcement yet, and we might have some hints for you… Read More »

By Ernice Gilbert, March 29, 2012 14 Games Thirst

Tweet Last week I told you we’d be announcing something big this week, and we’re on track to do just that. So if you find the site’s taking more time than usual to be updated, don’t worry, it’s because we’re… Read More »

By Ernice Gilbert, March 28, 2012 1 Games Thirst, News

Tweet We’ve been having some server issues that might have denied you access from getting your gaming thirst quenched, but that’s all sorted now. We’re sorry for the inconveniences said issues might have caused. Thirst-quenching routine back in order.

By Ernice Gilbert, February 22, 2012 8 Games Thirst, News, PS Vita

Tweet Late last year we opened up an opportunity for anyone who “liked” Games Thirst on Facebook to win a PS Vita/Uncharted: Golden Abyss Bundle, and today, the same day it launched, we have a winner.

By Ernice Gilbert, February 4, 2012 1 Games Thirst, Weekend Quencher

Tweet Another big game is about to be released on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, and gamers around the world wait in anticipation… Are you one of them who’ll buy Mass Effect 3 next week? It’s the weekend, Games Thirst,… Read More »

By Ernice Gilbert, January 30, 2012 4 Games Thirst

Tweet Recently, a lot of Games Thirst users avatars have been appearing broken on the side widget and even in posts. We have a solution: get a Gravatar! It’s a universal avatar system that works seamlessly on WordPress sites. Find… Read More »

By Ernice Gilbert, January 9, 2012 7 Games Thirst, Thirsty Conversations

Tweet We always talk positive things about our gaming experiences and somehow neglect the many consequences we’ve faced because, say, we stole a game on PSP while in school, neglected homework because of Call of Duty, and lost a girlfriend… Read More »

By Matthew DeVito, January 9, 2012 0 Games Thirst

Tweet The winners announced below the break.

By Ernice Gilbert, January 6, 2012 3 Games Thirst

Tweet If you haven’t noticed, things are pretty much back to normal at Games Thirst after the small Christmas break, and we’re looking forward to a rather great year around these parts. The site has seen tremendous growth in viewership,… Read More »

By Ernice Gilbert, January 4, 2012 16 Games Thirst, PS3, Thirsty Conversations, Xbox 360

Tweet I could see the smile of ridicule lining your face now – but let’s think about it…what if someone took the best features of PS3 and the best features of Xbox 360 then combined them to make one massive… Read More »

By Ernice Gilbert, January 3, 2012 8 Games Thirst, Thirsty Conversations

Tweet I’m preparing a “Big Games In 2012″ piece to get us excited for the new year, but before I complete it, I’d love to know the games you can’t wait to play this year? So, what are they? Let’s… Read More »

By Ernice Gilbert, December 31, 2011 2 Games Thirst

Tweet Many of you participated, and today we reveal the games voted as best in class and the coveted Game Of The Year. Head below for all the results!

By Ernice Gilbert, December 23, 2011 14 Games Thirst

Tweet Just like that, another year has come and gone and before you can blink, we’ll be ringing in the year 2012. Merry Christmas everyone, Gamesthirst is off on holiday. But we did not leave you hanging, as I’ve updated… Read More »