Friday, January 30, 2015


DICE: Battlefield 3 Isn’t About Controversy

Call of Duty titles are always controversial. Whether it’s the “No Russian” scene in Modern Warfare 2 or something else, when you hear Call of Duty, expect something unexpected. But DICE on the other hand isn’t about that stuff, and in Battlefield 3, don’t expect any super villains or controversies. Read More »

Bioware Will Try Not To Make The Same Mistakes Again

The signs of a good developer are aren’t alwasy obvious, but one that should confirm a studio’s passion and desire to make things better is humility. And that’s exactly what Bioware’s showing these days, as in Mass Effect 3, fan feedback have had a big say in shaping the game, because Bioware’s learned a lot from them, and will try ... Read More »

This Could Be The Next Medal Of Honor – Medal Of Honor: Forefront

Medal Of Honor was reintroduced to gamers last year, and although the game didn’t live up to the hype according to some critics, it managed to sell over 4 million copies worldwide, ensuring another sequel next year. In fact, EA’s said it hopes to take on Call of Duty with a triple-edged sword: Battlefield 3, Respawn Entertainment’s unannounced sci-fi title, ... Read More »

Sledgehammer To DICE: You Ship A Game, Not An Engine

As the release dates for both Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare come closer, the mud-slinging is becoming dirtier with each passing day. This time it’s the co-developer of Modern Warfare 3 kicking wet dust DICE’s way, with the studio’s co-founder and general manager Glen Schofield saying, “I’d be a little scared at this point – in June – if I ... Read More »

Fans Lash Out At DICE For Lack Of Battlefield 3 Info

Ever since E3, there’s been virtually no more information from EA or DICE concerning Battlefield 3 apart from the PS3 footage of the game released on Jimmy Fallon a few weeks ago. And it’s been more defending than promoting for the developer after many fans expressed disappointment in what was shown. So DICE has gone quiet, then, releasing nothing new, ... Read More »