Friday, August 29, 2014


EA On Sim City: We Learned Our Lesson


So far we are ahead of forecast with more than 1.6 million units currently sold through to consumers. The digital story is particularly strong – nearly 50 percent of those sales were high-margin digital downloads. The key takeaway here: SimCity is a highly resilient, global franchise with a long service life in front of it. But we learned our lesson ... Read More »

DICE: “We Have Other Things Cooking Apart From Battlefield 4″


Now that DICE is free to talk about Battlefield 4 in light of the game’s announcement, the firm has said it expects to make the impending shooter better than its predecessor, obviously, taking notes from the chaotic release of Battlefield 3 to forge something that’s exceptional. But is Battlefield all DICE working on? No, says General Manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson, DICE has ... Read More »

EA: Battlefield 3 Took Significant Share From Call of Duty


EA is convinced that Battlefield 3 took a “significant” bite out of the Call of Duty pie, adding that, “we did what we said we’d do with Battlefield. Battlefield 3 took very significant share from the leading competitor, on its way to being one of the biggest selling titles in EA history,” according to Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director John ... Read More »

Medal Of Honor Not Dead After All


Medal of Honor: Warfighter was arguably the worst MOH game ever released, and after terribly poor sales, EA said it would put the game to rest. But in its latest financial call to investors, the publisher said that Medal of Honor is still part of its unmatched offering of games. Read More »